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4 Great Side Characters

Since COVID has deprived me of a social life, I’ve decided to stick to reading. Now as much as I like dramatic plot twists, fantastical settings and intriguing main characters, I also love a good side character. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to some of my personal favourite side characters, in no particular order

Nikolai Lantsov

Shadow & Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Call me basic but Leigh Bardugo is one of my favourite authors, so it’s no wonder she creates amazing and lovable main and side characters, my favourite being Nikolai. He is the youngest prince of Ravka (the land where the story unfolds) and is determined to become its king, despite the rumours about his parentage.

Nikolai is very strategic, he’s always thinking one step ahead of everyone else and I think that’s what I like about him so much, everything he does, even if it doesn’t seem right to everyone, will either benefit him or the greater good, or both. Can’t forget that he’s witty, smart, charming and just really funny. I laughed out loud at some of his lines, no kidding.


The One by John Marrs

I like it when characters have everything figured out even when the reader doesn’t yet know that they’ve figured everything out; I enjoy reading how they got to the discovery and then the reader goes ‘ohhhhh, that makes total sense.’ Amy is one of those characters.

She’s whip-smart and uses the skills she gained from her career as a police officer well throughout the novel. However, she’s also willing to do whatever it takes to maintain her reputation among her coworkers at the police station. I won’t say anymore because, you know, spoilers

Coco Monvoisin

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Much like many of the main characters, Coco is a witch, so she’s not much liked by most other characters aside from her friends. Coco is the main character Lou’s best friend, and she’s a pretty dang good one.

She’s always there to help Lou through her troubles and delivers some very entertaining banter as well; she’s not just there for Lou, she’s usually there for all of the characters in her friend group. Having a character being a great friend always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy, it’s quite sweet when I watch fluffy, nice interactions between friends. Although Coco isn’t exactly the sweet type of person, some of her interactions with other characters are pretty wholesome.


The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

The One and Only Ivan is possibly one of my favourite childhood books, lots of great messages and characters crammed into one novel. And yes, Stella may be an elephant, but she’s very loveable in the few scenes she’s in. The author draws on the knowledge that elephants are seen as wise, as Stella has seen a great many things and uses her past and present experiences to give the lead of the book, Ivan, a lot of helpful, and oftentimes quite sad, advice. I liked how the advice Stella was giving taught not only Ivan many new things, but had a lasting impact on me and most likely, many others who have taken time from their life to read this book.

There you have it! Four of my personal favorite side characters in literature. These are all great books and I hope I’ve helped inspire you to read them too!

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