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Field Hockey

With the return of sports at Earl, there have been some considerable moments in the athletic season, one being the Earl Of March’s varsity girls field hockey team. Coached by Ms. Port and Ms. Carter and led by captain, Siara Mehdi, and assistant captain, Zoe Phillips, the team went 3 - 2 before entering playoffs with Siara Mehdi leading in points.

While some may think that finishing 3rd out 6 teams is unremarkable, the team thought otherwise and made a run to the finals, beating Nepean 2 to 1, a team that they previously lost to in the regular season.

For the finals, they faced familiar competition in Glebe and while they lost 2-1, it wasn’t a defeat in the eyes of the team; they previously lost 4-0 against Glebe. While they lost, the appearance was the team’s proudest moment in a season full of great ones, filled with team spirit.

Looking back on the season, the captain has only positives to talk about this year, explaining that “the whole team worked extremely hard and it was so much fun [for everyone]” with Phillips calling the season “fun and outstanding.” While reflecting more seriously about the season, she mentioned the drastic improvement of the team’s play, saying that “from the first game to [their] last, it was almost as if [they] were a different team.”

While some players had experience playing sports related to field hockey, there wasn’t a lack of inexperienced ones joining for the first time. “It was so nice to see new people play the sport,” commented Mehdi,“ everyone [was] learning to play the sport, and [it was] amazing when one of the rookies gets off their first hit or masters a skill.”

For those interested in joining, the captain had only encouragement: “teammates and coaches really make it fun, [they’d] enjoy our team spirit” and she mentioned that “it’s a new game for all our players, not one played field hockey before playing on the team.” This season for field hockey has ended but Earl of March’s potential dominance has only started.

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