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Six Books to Read During Quarantine

Hi, everyone!My name is Shreya and this time around, I chose three contemporary styled books. I am usually caught reading general young adult fiction. My favourite genres include thrillers, romance and horror. I definitely recommend all three books and hope that you decide to pick up one of these novels. Stay tuned for more literature related content coming soon!


Rate: 4.5/5

Genre: Thriller & Romance

We Were Liars is a thrilling coming of age novel, that leaves you turning each page excited to fall deeper into the story. It follows an elite family through multiple summers on their luxurious yet secluded private island. The narrator, Candace provides a unique lense of watching as her and her family grow up and face adversity together. The author, E. Lockhart does an excellent job of shaping her characters in a wonderful way that leaves the reader feeling like they personally met each person by the end of the novel. Not only are the characters really developed, but the dialogue and plot makes you want to consume as much information as possible. Page by page, I quickly turned the book devouring as much of the story as possible. The story ends off with a shocking and shattering twist that changes the reader’s perspective of the whole book. The jaw-dropping ending will make you want to read the book all over again. I can proudly say that this is one of the most genius books I have ever read. This book is filled with romance, laughter, drama and mystery, perfectly encapsulating anything you would want in a quarantine read.


Rate: 4.5/5

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Sophie Kinsella has done it again. Throughout her years as an author, Kinsella has put out chart-topping novels that all of her fans have adored. In this book, she writes through the perspective of 14-year-old Audrey, who suffers with severe anxiety. This book explores eccentric yet realistic family dynamics, mental health and young love through a lense you have never seen it through. The book follows Audrey’s journey to recovery following a traumatic experience. It is a funny and heartwarming read that I think is perfect for any teenager to pick up. Within the first few chapters, she meets her love interest, Linus, who helps her with her recovery. He doesn’t act as a saviour or knight in shining armour, but as a person who supports her and is working towards Audrey’s best interests. Finding Audrey depicts a healthy relationship for which Kinsella has created a novel that reaches out to multiple audiences; adolescents and teenagers. I left the book feeling warm and fuzzy. Although this book is a pretty quick read, it tells the tale of a touching and uplifting story.


Rate: 3.5/5

Genre: Contemporary & Romance

COVID-19 may limit how fulfilling our high school experiences may be, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t emerge ourselves in books about those experiences right? Always, Never, Yours is the perfect read filled with relatable characters, funny dialogue and heartening moments that will remind any reader of a simpler time. Reading this book took me to another reality where I could feel like I had a “normal” senior year. Although I have not finished reading this book, I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Megan Harper, the book’s main protagonist just wants to attend her dream university, to study directing musical theatre, but unfortunately for her, an admissions requirement is to have one acting credit in a local musical. So, she tries out for her school’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliet”, surprisingly getting the role of Juliet herself. Megan has never once acted in her life, but she has to deal with the whole process; memorizing scripts, rehearsing with peers, and performing in front of a live audience. In comes Owen Okita, an aspiring playwright that has gotten a smaller role in the play. As he and Megan help each other with memorizing scripts, they develop a friendship that soon turns out into some sort of romance. This book deals with familial love, romance and self-love with a plot that makes the reader reminisce about their high school years. Again, I have not finished reading this book but so far, I am sticking with my rating of 3.5 stars. I highly recommend it to any musical theatre for Shakespeare fans, any high school seniors and those who just enjoy a lighthearted read.


Hey everyone, it’s Aya here! I’m usually a huge fantasy fan, though I also love dystopian books and the occasional science fiction novel. This week, I’ve picked a sci-fi/fantasy, a thriller and a dystopian fiction to review for all of you guys. I hope you all enjoy the reviews and be on the lookout for more!


Rate: 4/5

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

This book was one that I’ve seen before but it never actually sparked enough interest to read. I think it was the boredom of quarantine that pushed me toward it and I can say that I definitely don’t regret it. Renegades is set in a modern world where people with extraordinary abilities - known as prodigies - are common. Now, not every prodigy is a superhero or a villain; some are just normal citizens that happen to have abilities. To become part of the superhero organization Renegades, prodigies need to try out and see if they’re selected. On the other hand, the Anarchists - our villains - can be practically anyone who wants to tear down the Renegades. Our two main characters are polar opposites of each other: Nova Artino, AKA Nightmare, is an Anarchist with a deep-rooted hatred for the Renegades and their leaders, especially Captain Chromium. Adrian Everhart, or Sketch, is a Renegade team leader and the son of Captain Chromium and fellow Council member, The Dread Warden. Nova’s goal is to bring the Renegades crashing down, but charming and oblivious Adrian proves to be a challenge.

This book was written so well! You truly see the internal struggle Nova faces as she tries to remain loyal to the Anarchists while becoming closer to her enemies. I’m personally a huge fan of morally grey characters and that is what we get with Nova Artino. Adrian is adorable but tragically unaware of who, and what, Nova really is. The tension between the two characters is developed efficiently and it was an amazing read.


Rate: 5/5

Genre: Thriller

The Masked Truth is a book that I always go back to reread. I don’t usually read thrillers but this one captures me every single time. The Masked Truth follows our main protagonists Riley Vasquez, who witnessed the brutal murder of the couple she was babysitting for, and Max Cross, who is suffering from a life-changing diagnosis, as they attend a sleep-away therapy camp with five other teenagers with various “issues”. All is well until three masked men break in and take the entire group hostage. With no phones, no windows, sealed exits, and the captors on a killing spree, Riley and Max have to find a way out - but not everything is as it seems.

This book blew my mind. It is absolutely amazing. Tensions are high throughout the entire story, with plot twists throughout. Not only is the plot shockingly good, but The Masked Truth also discusses serious topics such as mental health and mental illness in a way that those reading it can sympathize with what the character is experiencing. This book is definitely one that I’ll be rereading for years.


Rate: 5/5

Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi

The Darkest Minds is one of my absolute favourite books in the world. I first read it years ago but picked it up again during quarantine and immersed myself in the book series. This book takes place in a dystopian world where a mysterious disease has spread across America and killed the majority of the children, and left the survivors with abilities ranging in power. “Rehabilitation camps” can be found throughout the country where many of the surviving kids are placed. Our protagonist is a teen girl named Ruby, who had woken up on her tenth birthday with something so different about her that her parents called the police and had her sent to Thurmond, one of the most brutal camps. Now sixteen, Ruby barely escapes Thurmond when her true, dangerous nature is revealed. On the run, Ruby’s only chance is to find the last safe place for kids like her: a place named East River. Joining a group of kids who’d escaped their own rehabilitation camp, they find that East River is not what they’d expected it to be, and Ruby is left with making a decision that may mean giving up hope for a life worth living.

Let me start off by saying that Ruby’s character development throughout the trilogy is absolutely amazing. We’re introduced to her as Thurmond-Ruby, a meek, repressed girl who does as she’s told out of fear. While on the run, she grows as a person and begins to find a strength that she never knew existed. Her journey of acceptance of herself and her abilities is inspiring. This book has plot twists that you’d never see coming, and characters that you’ll fall in love with almost instantly. It’s a book that I’ll be keeping and reading over and over again for years.

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