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Three Survival Games Recommendation

I recently played/watched my brothers play three different kinds of games, and I noticed that all three of these games were in the survival genre. If playing survival games is your cup of tea, here is my review and summaries of my experiences with them:

1. A Plague Tale: Innocence

My eldest brother was the one who played this game while me and my other bro watched. Whenever we weren’t backseat driving and yelling at him, we were invested in the beautiful graphics and story this game had to offer. This is a story-based survival horror game, so be warned that there are some very violent scenes and disturbing moments. Innocence follows a young French noblewoman and her little brother who are trying to survive in the midst of the Black Plague (you know, the one that killed around a third of Europe). The highlights of this game would definitely be the graphics and plot (I love the sibling duo), as well as the blend between the stealth mechanics and survival of the horrific swarms of rats in the game.

2. The Long Dark

My second brother is currently playing this game, which has some really distinct art styles and mechanics. This one is set in post-apocalyptic Canada, where you must play as a bush pilot who is stranded in the wintery wilderness and must survive. I really enjoyed the watercolour aesthetic of the environment and the music/ambience. I also can’t help but feel relieved that this is taking place in Canada, it makes the experience a little special and unique from other games. I will say that this game has a lot of controls and aspects for you to worry about, so if you want a challenging game with somewhat realistic survival factors, then give this game a play.

3. Subnautica

This is the game that I’ve been playing for not too long and I’m already quite addicted to it. This is pretty similar to an underwater Minecraft, but the premise and exploration is so unique and rewarding to discover. There’s always a goal you can set your mind to, and you’re free to take your time to swim around and scout. Basically, this takes place in the far future, where humans have star ted colonizing

planets. Your ship, however, has mysteriously crashed on an alien planet that harbors plenty of aquatic life, and you need to find a way to survive until help arrives (if at all). Also, this is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played. If you have thalassophobia (fear of the deep ocean), maybe you should take a pass. There were certainly a few moments where I was too spooked to venture in an area that looked too dark and had too much echoey howls.

Photo Sources:

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