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Artist Spotlight: Earl's Visual Artists

Visual art is a diverse discipline we use to express ourselves. When words can't accurately convey certain emotions, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and drawings allow us to send our message. Before COVID-19, Earl's talented visual artists displayed their work on the walls of our school, accessible for all to appreciate. Unfortunately, the adjusted schedule no longer allows us to enjoy the art students have to offer. Don't worry, though! We'll make sure Earl's artists get the recognition they deserve. Here are some pieces students have been working on in the last couple months.

Carolyn Kane, Grade 12


"This piece has no name. This piece was so completely different from the work I usually do. For my art I either have a distinct vision of how I want the piece to turn out, or I write down what elements I want to include. For this piece I started by sketching a candle and then eyes and I thought "Oh, it would look really cool and spooky if the fire melted the eyes!" Which is what I ended up going with. I continued to add and refine elements until I felt the piece was full and connected."

'Octopus Garden'

"My favourite mediums to work with are watercolor and pen, these are both the mediums used in this piece. This piece was a part of my summative for my art class. I had to create 20 daily sketches/drawings. This piece was inspired by "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles. When I listen to the song, I envision this piece, I created this piece to bring my vision to life."


Paige Fenton, Grade 10


Hi, my name is Paige Fenton, and I am an artist at Earl. I started art when I was very little and have practiced ever since. This butterfly is a blue Morpho butterfly illustrated using Faber Castell pencil crayons. I drew it near the end of the summer this year and it took a couple days for me to finish. My preferred mediums are Acrylic paint and canvas, pencil crayons, and I also like doing drawings with copic markers too. I hope you like my butterfly and if you would like to see more you can check my instagram @art_by_paigee.


Kate Hirkala, Grade 12

'Cut Up'

"This photo is all about how on the outside one can look ok, but on the inside, they can be all torn up and upset. I wanted to show how during such hard times for everyone we need to show our true feelings and start looking in a mirror/ reflection to get to know ourselves and how we should go about reaching out for help."

'Keep Away'

Sometimes we need to be alone the hand covering the face is to show how we can push people away, which isn't always a bad thing. In some scenarios, we must see each other out of focus to realize that maybe we were focusing on the wrong things in the first place.

'Half and Half'

This is a symbolic photo all about a much-overused cliche of being split down the middle. In this day and age, there are many topics in which we realize that amendments must be made to further our society, and people are starting to pick sides, hence the shadows on one side of the face. Also, many people are having trouble with quarantine trying to be productive all the time when sometimes the best thing for most is to be forgiving in such a hard time to be alive.


Sam Vanderpol, Grade 12


"The building isn’t much to look at but I noticed I could see the lights through the windows when I looked up and instantly just thought I could figure something out. The RAW image didn’t have enough mood to it so I brought contrast and saturation into every window and brought out the warm tones in the building again. This one took a bit longer than the other one because of the windows, I wasn’t quite happy with them and kept tweaking little details until I figured something out."


"I find that we tend to look at life too straight forward, sometimes it just takes a bit of a different perspective to find something interesting. With this image, the building is nothing too special until you look up and find an interesting angle. The editing process was pretty simple, I’ve been trying out some new techniques to slowly figure out my style. I wanted to add some mood to it but also bring out the warm tones of the building to replicate the feeling of being there that day."


Madison Banville, Grade 12


"In society, we are often hesitant to change. In this image, I am hoping to portray the acceptance of natural growth and maturity. The subject is going through her next phase of life and the open eyes symbolize bravery and curiosity for what she is about to face. Taking off the head with the eyes closed symbolizes moving forward without looking back into the past. She is shedding her skin to become a new and better version of herself. It is simply personal evolution."


Rebecca Melville, Grade 12

'Red Teapot'

"Unfinished art is my specialty. I started this piece in the spring, inspired and happy to work on it for hours. But sometimes interest is lost. Even though I had invested so much effort and time, I had no desire to pick up my pastels and finish it. I've learnt that maintaining a happy, non stressful relationship with art comes down to one point. Remembering to create for yourself and not the product, even if that means leaving things unfinished. Maybe one day I’ll complete my teapot and apples :) happy creating! Becs"

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