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  • Ria Baijal

Battle of the Schools Determines Most Spirited School in OCDSB

Battle of the Grades may be the biggest event of the year at Earl of March, but April 26th-30th was the first of what could one day become the biggest event of the entire school board! School spirit was rampant across Ottawa in the board wide Battle of the Schools, where the students’ competitive nature had an opportunity to shine.

Organized by the OCDSB Student Senate, and Student Trustees, each school had the opportunity to earn points for their school by dressing up, competing in online scavenger hunts, and even directly facing off for the title of Kahoot Trivia Champions. Amid the challenges of a pandemic world Battle of the Schools provided a much needed virtual outlet to connect, have fun, and show school spirit!

Each day of the week had a specific theme, some of which would ring a bell for those familiar with Battle of the Grades. Monday was Comfy vs Formal day; Tuesday was Tourist day; Wednesday was Career Day; Thursday was Fandom Day; and Friday was School Colour Day. Earl of March students showed some great costumes and creative ideas all week long, ranging from an influx of would-be photographers to wizards at hogwarts, with an especially worthwhile mention for all the pets dressed up in Earl of March merchandise at the end of the week!

Earl’s ranking among the other schools varied throughout the week, making a significant comeback early on jumping up to 6th place from 13th, aided by the scavenger hunt victory. The school finished the week in eighth place, a respectable finish out of all 24 schools in the board, especially considering how close 6th, 7th and and 8th were in point totals. The schools that graced the podium on Friday were Cairine Wilson with a whopping 2450 points in 1st, Osgoode Township in 2nd, and Bell High School in 3rd.

Relative to the Battle of the Grades spirit that Earl is famous for, Battle of the Schools virtual turnout was low. However, Battle of the Schools could become an annual occurrence. Earl of March will have many opportunities down the road to show the school board which school truly is the greatest, and which school will no doubt win the competition year after year.

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