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Monthly Fashion Spotlight Featuring Earl Students

The Monthly Fashion Spotlight is an article written every launch that highlights EOM students' personal style. A photoshoot and interview is conducted on students with unique styles to learn more about what their style means to them, and to inspire other students to evolve and build their own personal style. For this spotlight, we interviewed sisters Sydnie Pottinger and Cali, and grade 11s Maia Barter and Zeynep Gencer to find out what he would describe to be his own style.

Why is fashion and clothing important to you?

Sydnie: I guess it's like a way to express our feelings and…

Cali: Our personalities and like…

Sydnie: It's really fun.

*Wow, they really are sisters! They even finish each other's sentences*

What is your must-have piece that completes your entire outfit?

Cali: Um I would say accessories.

Sydnie: Yeah accessories, and I would say sunglasses really change your fit…

Cali: or hats…

Sydnie: Yeah or hats.

Do you have any style inspirations like social media influencers or celebrities?

Sydnie: I would say mine is Khalid because he is very versatile and I love how vibrant his style is because mine is very similar.

Cali: I don’t know, there is a lot of people. Um there’s a lot of like instagram models that I like, not really celebrities but, for a celebrity I’d probably say Billie Eilish, but I’ll go basic and say Paris Hilton.

What is one piece of advice you would give to people trying to find their own style?*

Cali: Literally wear what you wanna wear and don't care what other people think because you need to express yourself with your clothing…

Sydnie: Yeah I’d say just stay true to yourself, don't try to follow trends too hard, instead get inspo and add your own stuff to it, also wear whatever is comfortable too.

Where do you get your clothes from; favourite brands, thrifting, small businesses?

Maia: We shop at Value Village...

Zeynep: Agreed. We do alot of thrifting and I also make some of my clothes by hand!

Maia: We are avid thrifters, we love thrifting. I get my jewelry from this small business called Femme on the Go, they’re really cute and they make little clay rings and other stuff, polyamer clay I think that’s what they use. Get your jewelry there, they’re great. They also have cool like pride month earrings and other stuff.

How would you describe your style?

Maia: Um, flowy and very free. I love Harry Styles with a passion and he’s really a big inspiration for the way I dress. If I had to describe it as simply as possible I’d say Harry Styles but make it Hippie.

Zeynep: I would describe my style as sophisticated. Umm, definitely plant mom mixed with an art teacher. I also love to accessorize, jewelry is my favourite part of putting together an outfit. I like to wear a lot of colourful things, especially green, green is my favourite colour.

Maia: Same here, my favourite colour is dark forest green. I love incorporating it as much as I can into my outfits.

What is one piece of advice you would give to people trying to find their own style?*

Maia: Just like do it for yourself, don’t worry about what others think of you. Dress like nobody’s watching…

Zeynep: If you like something just wear it. Clothes should make you happy, and if you look at a piece of clothing and it makes you happy you should just buy it.

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