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  • Jasmin Al-azzawi

Most Controversial Moments In Fashion History

Controversial outfits have always been a big part of fashion. Everybody has their own taste whether they love it or they hate it. Throughout the years clothing styles have changed but people still have their opinions. These are some of the most controversial outfits in fashion history.

Starting with the Mary Quant mini skirt, in the 60’s women began to embrace femininity. It received controversy because it exposed parts of the body that had previously been hidden. Another designer known for pushing boundaries is Vivienne Westwood, she started her career in a small boutique where she collaborated with Malcolm Mclaren to create the

bondage suit. The bondage suit was made from latex fabric and provocative designs. The bondage suit later became a staple in rock fashion. In 1997 Alexander McQueen gained widespread attention for his Fall/Winter line based on Scottish history but McQueen’s adaptation featured daring low-cut bumster pants and torn/tattered clothes. In 2007 John Galliano caused a mess with his geisha fashion and makeup designs for Christan Dior's Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection. John was not only faced with praise from the fashion world but was accused of cultural appropriation. That wasn't the first time John faced backlash for cultural appropriation, in 1997 John’s Winter collection featured runway models wearing Japanese inspired dresses and make up.

The most recent controversial moment in fashion history is Gucci’s Balaclava,the balaclava is a hood most commonly made out of wool covering the person's hair and face. The balaclava faced cultural appropriation allegations due to the fact that it looked like a hijab. People were outraged that they turned something important in their culture into a fashion accessory. When many Muslim women went through so much racisms just to wear their hijabs while others got praised for their trendy style.

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