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Taylor Swift, Album “Red”

On November 12, 2021, North American singer Taylor Swift released her new repackage album “Red”. The album “Red” includes 30 songs with the addition of 9 new songs and 21 songs which were top hits in the past such as “All too well” from the previous “Red” album which was released in October 2012. Taylor’s songs have been and still are conquering the world. The emotions and skills throughout the songs were perfectly shown by Taylor. However, other than furthermore explaining the excitement and glory of Taylor's songs, today, this article will be about the singer herself.

Taylor Swift, born December 13, 1989 is an American singer. Her popular songs earned her many different prizes. Grammy awards is one her most frequently won prizes. She earned the best album prize, best mv, best pop vocal album, etc. Being a singer for about half of her life, Taylor has always used her cheerful, or moody, songs to bring the audience's emotions with her. After having her grand debut featuring Tim McGraw in 2006 for 15 years with the song named by herself which reached her first top 40 hit, her songs have never failed to surprise her fans.

Her lyrical rich addition of “All too well” 10 minute sad girl autumn version has brought many of her fans to tears.

Personally, I think the song has a big difference from the previous version. Although sharing the same name, the ten minute version of the sad girl version has a bigger impact on me. As an audience member who isn’t Taylor’s fan, the song has binded my emotions to the lyrics, delicate and sad. Although I never intentionally listened to Taylor’s songs, her songs “wildest dreams” and “shake it off” have always been a memory for me which made me fall in love with her songs and start to listen to them more frequently.

Overall, Taylor is an amazing artist who I respect and sang many songs carrying nowadays peoples childhood memories and dreams.

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