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Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shopping

Thrift Shopping is a type of shopping activity when one purchases any form of clothing or accessories, often sold at second-hand stores or shops. Thrifting is done at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets or any form of second-hand or vintage selling. Thrift shopping is an effective and affordable way of making purchases. For some, it's an exciting feeling of never knowing what you might encounter!

What is a thrift store exactly?

Thrift stores can be very different from one another. Typically they will accept good-condition apparel from individuals who find them useless and resale the attire at discounted prices. Most of the funds made from big thrift stores are put towards funding programs throughout the community.

Why should you go thrift shopping?

There are numerous benefits of going thrift shopping. Some may go shopping and discover things they adore and be surprised at the shockingly low prices of the clothes! Some more extensive thrift organizations will deliver all of their proceeds to other community charities and funds. People who may experience financial difficulty can easily find good clothing at thrift stores for incredibly low prices. Going shopping can bring a smile to the faces of those who are going through tough times as well! Not only can thrift shopping benefit the lives of consumers and the general public but it can also massively benefit the environment. Clothing pollution is an underemphasized problem that many people throughout the world face. Donating to thrift stores is an easy way to prevent or limit such pollution.

Who can go thrifting?

Anyone can go thrifting. Even some celebrities go thrift shopping. Some individuals who thrift shop include Jada Pickett Smith, Drew Barrymore, Lorde, Janelle Monae, Julia Roberts and of course Macklemore. No matter their financial situation or even age, many different people can go thrift shopping.

Is it safe?

Typically, it is very safe to thrift shop! Most stores are very strict about what they can or cannot sell but you always keep an eye out for anything that may have stains or is damaged and let the organizers know immediately so they can put it towards donations instead!


Thrift shopping can be advantageous for many people in a variety of ways. It can be an excellent opportunity to find your style and give your clothes a whole new life.

Recommendations? What were YOUR best finds?


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